Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Return to FL part 3 - Channel 5 bridge

The day after our fishing charter we got back to the type of fishing that was so productive for us last year - bridge fishing for large numbers of species.  Martini stayed with us one night at the duplex and joined us for fishing for half a day.  We went to Channel 5 bridge, and rather than hike all the way to the center of the channel, we set up near the base of the bridge.  Sabiki rigs with small hooks yielded plenty of species, a few of which were new to me.  Before I even had bait in the water, Terry caught a fish that I was quite envious of.

Grey Angelfish (Pomacanthus arcuatus)

I didn't catch an angelfish of my own, but I got plenty of other stuff!

Porkfish (Anisotremus virginicus)

Bandtail Puffer (Sphoeroides spengleri)

Spotted Trunkfish (Lactophrys bicaudalis) - new hook & line species #248

Ruoxi also got a spotted trunkfish.  In fact, most of the people in our group caught at least one despite the fact that none of our group caught one at this location last year.

Blue Parrotfish (Scarus coeruleus)

Yellow Chub (Kyphosus incisor)

Dusky Damselfish (Stegastes adustus)

The cero mackerel was a surprise lifer.  I dropped the sabiki near the concrete wall at the base of the bridge because I saw some angelfish feeding there.  The cero hit one of the baits almost as soon as it hit the water!

Cero Mackerel (Scomberomorus regalis) - new hook & line species #249

Schoolmaster (Lutjanus apodus)

Doctorfish (Acanthurus chirurgus)

Either Terry or Kayla caught this tiny grouper.

Red Grouper (Epinephelus morio)

At this point I'm skipping ahead several days.  We came back to Channel 5 to do some night fishing in hopes of finding some sharks.  The sharks once again did not cooperate, but we caught some other fish to pass the time.

French Grunt (Haemulon flavolineatum) and Schoolmaster (Lutjanus apodus)

Once it was completely dark, I got out my spotlight and sight fished small fish in shallow water that was sheltered from the waves by some rubble.  Nighttime microfishing paid off because I got two new species this way!

Notchtongue Goby (Bathygobius curacao) - new hook & line species #253

Night Sergeant (Abudefduf taurus) - new hook & line species #254

The last fish of the night was this mangrove snapper, which took a big piece of shrimp on a circle hook.

Grey / Mangrove Snapper (Lutjanus griseus)

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